Value creation needs to be thought out with a holistic approach. For that, long term interests of different stakeholders needs to be taken in to account. A poll result revealed by marketing research giant Gallup, recently revealed how about a third of all respondents showed no trust on big businesses. This is a full seven percentage points than what was for the same category, a mere two decades back. Focus needs to be on repairing the future. This is something the US Business Roundtable, as released in 2019 affirms. It also suggests how value creation needs to be most inclusive. Lego’s corporate strategy has been outlined as a classic case of how the company has risen, while keeping the diverse stakeholders satisfied. The social consequences too need to be assessed while working towards stakeholders as well as shareholders. The situation in similar in the USA and within the European Union. Even energy giants are leaving aside short- term thinking to develop environmentally conscious business ventures.


Uploaded Date:04 August 2020

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