Any attempts at business transformations needs to go “all in”, or rather comprehensively, and not piece- by- piece. This will help remake the business portfolio of the organization. Thus, business transformation programmes need to go beyond the usual maxim of trying to merely make process better, cheaper and faster. Such a comprehensive approach is needed all the more now as the economic profit is rather unevenly distributed globally. A lot of this can be better understood from a reading of the book Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick. In a study anchored by management consulting giant McKinsey, it emerged that about forty- seven percent of the organizations went for a static transformation. Another twenty- six percent opted for one based around performance alone. A further fifteen percent chose to go the portfolio only approach. That leaves a mere twelve percent to follow the “all in” strategy. These companies turned out to be the most successful ones. Sun Pharmaceutical is an example of one such successful strategy execution.


Uploaded Date:06 January 2020

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