One thing that marketers need to understand the pulse of is, customer experience. The most memorable of them are enhanced, not due to a value- for- money proposition or by extra features being added in, but because of the suffused emotion. To combat this, companies go to great extents to eliminate extreme experiences. As a result, not just the terrible ones, but also the great experiences get eliminated. Companies, must instead embrace the outliers, as those will be the sticking points that customers will remember from their experiences. Those that constantly try to eliminate complaints, end up merely creating a mediocre product. In order to infuse the customer experiences with emotions, marketers need to work on stimulating the stress. Disappointments need to be converted into delight, with the right human intervention. Especially with digital marketing now being such a potent tool, efforts need to be made to plan for surprising the customers. As part of that, the brand must invest time and effort on storytelling. Social media is a great tool to spread such ideas and stories. Finally, the company needs to run controlled experiments, to understand market reactions.


Uploaded Date:11 September 2019

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