A great deal of interest is being generated by deep technologies. These are those novel ones that allow for substantial improvements over the current ones used in. As per a study by BCG, the seven key deep tech categories have collectively grown by about a fifth each year between 2015 and 2018. Deep tech is no longer confined to only those with deep pockets. Business research conducted by Hello Tomorrow has confirmed that deep tech has gone beyond the scientific community alone as was earlier the case. Innovation too has now gone out of a few confined labs. It is now spread diverse in terms of geography, industry and functional area. The growth in new platform technologies has been the biggest boost to such deep tech. Barriers getting eliminated has also worked in its favour. The fragmentation on business approaches seems to have been a blessing in disguise. There has also been a rise in the availability of capital. Governments now need to recognize their shifting roles.


Uploaded Date:27 June 2019

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