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Why Digital Marketing

1. Best way to connect to the largest audience from a single platform with

minimal resources and expenses

2. Best of the organizations like Coca Cola, Marie Claire, LG Electronics,

Lego toys, Hampton Hotels, MasterCard etc. have successfully implemented

digital marketing campaigns over last few years now and have reaped the

benefits tremendously.

3. Coca Cola used the digital marketing campaigns to involve their employees

in Olympic 2012. This not only increased their visibility across the globe but

also increased the employee satisfaction.

4. Iconic clothing brand Henri Lloyd used multinational digital rebranding

and improving their online presence. Henri Lloyd now amongst top online

brands in clothing.

5.Pizza hut provided a connected and personalized experience to the

customers through their comprehensive online presence using digital


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

1. The future way – Digital Marketing is the way the marketing is to be going

to be driven from now onwards. Conventional ways of marketing are no

longer the best way. With the boom in e-commerce and social media,everyone is moving from brick and mortar to digital space.InternetDigitalMarketing2

2. Initial Movers advantage – As of now, not many resources are available with in depth knowledge on Digital Marketing. Be one of the initial movers andgain the upper hand.

3. Learn from the experts – We have engaged the best brains in the industry with a sea of practical and implementation experience in the field to give you the best available knowledge and share the real life case studies and experiences to prepare you for the real world.

4. Future options – Be ready to be employed with best of the players in the

industry like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction on Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 2: Market Research and Content Strategy

Module 3: Managing Digital Assets

Module 4: Managing Customer Relationships and Social Media

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing management & Optimization

Module 6:Online Advertising &Digital Direct Channels

Module 7: Digital Campaigns Management

Module 8: Web Analytics in E-Commerce.

The roles of the CIO and the CMO have evolved in a way, that they now need to work more closely together. This will help boost the customer’s digital experience. Digital marketing used to be a more straightforward task involving the alignment between the company’s social media, website and mobile apps if any. Now, one has to account for third- party devices such as Alexa, Occulus or Google Assistant. These require real time engagement. There is thus a much shared landscape between the CMO and the CIO. The silos will need to be redrawn, so the issues may get better resolved. Since there is real time business intelligence now pouring in, at breakneck speed, solutions too require constant action and leadership. There may be overlap between the functional areas, so a CIO Marketing needs to be appointed, who will report to both the CMO and the CIO. A strategy needs to be in place to execute the shared space. Communication channels too need to be intertwined, so that the rest of the organization understands how the two are working collaboratively.


Uploaded Date:11 March 2020

For marketers, there are several opportunities to tap in to right now. In order to maximize the gains, the C- suite members need to cooperate better amongst themselves. There is a need for the CMO to collaborate with the rest. Three types of CMOs have been identified on this scale. The first category are the Loners. They tend to work on their own, so aren’t well integrated to the rest. A study by the McKinsey found out that twenty- seven percent of all CMOs fall under this category. The next category are the Friends, who take up almost half of the entire lot at forty- nine percent. They work with the others, but on individual basis. For conventional or digital marketing to be most successful, it is the third approach that stands out. This is that followed by the Unifiers. They pursue strong collaboration with the entire team, involving everyone.


Uploaded Date:11 March 2020

About a decade back when social media was at its infancy, few realized its business value. Yet within few years, social media became such a integral part of digital marketing, that brands started pouring in billions of dollars to make it work for the company. Phrases such as viral, buzz and stickiness came to be commonly associated with modern marketing means. Facebook and YouTube have been the giants in this field, yet social media’s grasp to help brands leverage the medium is reducing. In fact brands are becoming way too common to the proliferation of social media marketing. In practice, individual entertainers or sportspersons are connecting well by building their brand on social media but brands are not gaining any leverage. As an example on sports pages, it is Real Madrid and Barcelona that continue to dominate but not a single penny is earned through this exercise to these brands or the master ones like Nike or Adidas. In order to rectify this gap, cultural branding may be recommended. For this the cultural orthodoxy needs to be well understood while locating the opportunity in it. Jack Daniel’s is an example of a brand that has perfected this cultural branding by associating itself with the tough rural region of Tennessee. The power of the crowd-culture also must be exploited. This is how the new ideology will work in the brand’s favour.


Uploaded Date:29 January 2020

Social media is fast emerging as one of the most effective ways to connect with any brand’s loyal customers. Loyalty programmes on the other hand do not have quite the impact, even though one can safely say, that now there is a proliferation of these. Facebook is of course, thanks to its reach and wide user base, the best digital marketing platform for any brand. On Facebook, five key dimensions need to be worked around in order to create the most intimate brand experience. One way are the Relational posts, that help connect different aspects of any product’s use. Intellectual posts help in signaling a sense of creativity to the customer. Behavioral ones elicit an emotional connect. The use of breathtaking images are part of the Sensory posts. And finally, there are Emotional posts, to gauge the current moods of the users. These different aspects of social media are effective at varying stages of the customer journey.


Uploaded Date:06 January 2020

Digital transformation is much more than merely about a shift in technology. Instead, it is about a complete mindset shift. While penning down the latest book Beyond Performance 2.0, business research was conducted to gauge the performances of companies that disregarded employee views during such transformations. It emerged that not a single one of such were successful. Companies need to understand the root cause of hindrance- causing behaviors, as exemplified by the brilliant transformation effected by the Manchester Shoe Company. Unconscious mindsets too will be understood in this process. The root causes, post identification, need a complete reframing. The changes need to be personalized from the very top of the company hierarchy. Likewise, the work environment too will need an overhaul. Role modeling and reinforcement mechanisms are amongst the best techniques applied at this stage.


Uploaded Date: 12 December 2019

One of the greatest strengths that online communities provide, is the customer insights and first- hand business intelligence that comes from them. Harley- Davidson has even turned its own forum in to a revenue- generating centre. Unlike the previous generation of hobbyists, now it is full- time entrepreneurs who are raking in the moolah from their websites focused on topics as far- ranging as food, music, fitness or gardening. Online communities have in the long run, a massive potential for digital marketing. To create such a site that eventually the users will pay for, one needs to start with a substantial user base. Once created, the entire messaging has to be centred around the content displayed on the site. Here social media is of great help. One needs to be heavily involved, right from the go. The entrepreneur must make sure, the site never turns in to an internal clique. Relationships need to be managed in a way that they flourish online. One can’t ignore the simultaneous sales balance though, though the online community must never resemble yet another sales channel.


Uploaded Date:14 October 2019

While every company understands that innovation is the lifeblood of any business, too much of it too soon may put the future expansion to jeopardy. This is especially true if the new features get panned. Now, all the more this is an area of focus, as due to social media, word- of- mouth travels faster than any other digital marketing media. Thus, a positive buzz needs to be curated online, perhaps making use of celebrities or influencers. This form of new marketing allows volunteer fans to be converted quickly, unlike the paid medium nature of the earlier ones. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are of course key to getting this executed. The right tone and timing too need be in place for such electronic marketing.


Uploaded Date:29 August 2019

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