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Why Digital Marketing

1. Best way to connect to the largest audience from a single platform with

minimal resources and expenses

2. Best of the organizations like Coca Cola, Marie Claire, LG Electronics,

Lego toys, Hampton Hotels, MasterCard etc. have successfully implemented

digital marketing campaigns over last few years now and have reaped the

benefits tremendously.

3. Coca Cola used the digital marketing campaigns to involve their employees

in Olympic 2012. This not only increased their visibility across the globe but

also increased the employee satisfaction.

4. Iconic clothing brand Henri Lloyd used multinational digital rebranding

and improving their online presence. Henri Lloyd now amongst top online

brands in clothing.

5.Pizza hut provided a connected and personalized experience to the

customers through their comprehensive online presence using digital


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

1. The future way – Digital Marketing is the way the marketing is to be going

to be driven from now onwards. Conventional ways of marketing are no

longer the best way. With the boom in e-commerce and social media,everyone is moving from brick and mortar to digital space.InternetDigitalMarketing2

2. Initial Movers advantage – As of now, not many resources are available with in depth knowledge on Digital Marketing. Be one of the initial movers andgain the upper hand.

3. Learn from the experts – We have engaged the best brains in the industry with a sea of practical and implementation experience in the field to give you the best available knowledge and share the real life case studies and experiences to prepare you for the real world.

4. Future options – Be ready to be employed with best of the players in the

industry like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction on Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 2: Market Research and Content Strategy

Module 3: Managing Digital Assets

Module 4: Managing Customer Relationships and Social Media

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing management & Optimization

Module 6:Online Advertising &Digital Direct Channels

Module 7: Digital Campaigns Management

Module 8: Web Analytics in E-Commerce.

Emails have time and again proven to be amongst the most effective methods of digital marketing. They can boost sales, engagement and loyalty if done in the correct manner. Research conducted by Forrester clearly testifies that there is a ten percent rise in sales for companies that have adopted email automation tools. Automation allows not only the right content but also its dissemination at the right time to the appropriate audience. Some marketers even use the concept of content buckets where similar content is disseminated in different forms such as blogs, white papers, videos or special offers. Widgets are used to track the opening rates and quantify relevance per customer or segment. The content distributed must also take into account the life cycle stage of the customer and his/her positioning on the sales funnel. A newly converted lead must not be sent the same material which a long time loyal one will receive. Thus events can also be layered accordingly. A very important process of any agile CRM solution is to know who the loyal customers are or in the case of an airline- frequent flyers. These techniques will also enable the appropriate cross-selling and up-selling of products. Service contracts, add-on features and in house training ought to be facilitated for new conversions.


Uploaded Date: 22nd May 2017

Managing digital transformation is the key to success in the e-commerce field. A different mindset is needed instead of the conventional retail ideas. But commonly some steps have been found that are symptoms of mismanagement affecting such firms. The first such symptom is a lack of customer engagement. A lot of these companies also suffer from periodic changes to the sales process. Business innovation involves experiment where without doubt occasional failures will arise. These failures must be treated as part of the learning curve. Yet some companies do not use them as proper tests to learn. IT is one aspect which needs to adapt fast with change, especially LEAN and agile methods. This doesn’t happen at mismanaged organizations and they also suffer from poor returns on investment.


Uploaded Date: 22nd May 2017

There have been some far reaching changes in the world of marketing since the turn of this century. The first of them is that advertising has lost some of its credibility, due to which PR is now seen as more important. Examples abound of companies such as Google, Uber, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter that have gained users through digital marketing rather than ad spend. The US president Donald Trump is another example where him being controversial led to him making more news thus greater PR eventually leading to him winning the election. A lot of companies such as Nokia make the mistake of putting its own name first into a category it wants to enter in. Apple on the other hand used to coin a separate name to its category rather than use its own brand name as it did with the Macintosh and I-Phone though it bombed when they launched the Apple Watch. Another noticeable change is that the name matters more than strategy as observed through the closure or brand erosion of Radio Shack, Eveready and Orville Redenbacher in comparison to innovative ones such as Duracell. Another change is that visual marketing is more powerful now than verbal as evidenced by Corona’s rise above Heineken for bottled beer in the USA thanks to their ads showing the attractive lemon on top. Companies such as GE and IBM that have tried to be in the market with single brands succeeded less than multi-brand conglomerates such as Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestle and Coca-Cola.


Uploaded Date: 20th May 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) has long been promised as the next powerful tool for digital marketing. The launch of Oculus Rift was expected to be the tipping point, yet use of VR in marketing as of now remains limited. This is due to several reasons, one of them is the perception of VR as a frivolous tool meant for gaming purpose. This perception needs to get altered before any large scale adoption by marketers. The second factor is cost, as VR does not yet provide ample bang-per-buck compared to other platforms such as Facebook’s billion plus audience. VR headsets are as yet cumbersome to use and not sleek, so unattractive and difficult to use. Another mistake in times gone by was over optimistic estimates which makes present usage numbers appear puny. While there have been some fragmented campaigns by corporates such as Pepsi, Volvo or Pokémon Go, there hasn’t been any concerted effort at promotion of this technology. Thus few studies have been conducted on its overall ROI.


Uploaded Date: 20th May 2017

There is much of fear mongering about robots taking away human jobs, but a more nuanced look suggests that while mechanical aspects could get automated, the emotional connect can never get replaced. Thus the desired method is soon going to be a cognitive based one incorporating mechanized live support. A lot of customer service agents could lose their jobs. Their number at present is estimated by marketing research firm Gartner at three and a half million in the USA and three quarters to a million in the UK. They could instead be supplemented by a variety of options. This includes intelligent assistants, crowd sourced agents, web chat services and work from home options. While Digital First is a thought much in vogue at present, the disruptions are not going well with a lot of stakeholders. This is because dissatisfaction has been experienced with the changing status quo. The good thing is that a positive vision is emerging of times to come. Thus any digital changes must be in line with staff expectations and skill sets as well as customer beliefs. For successfully introducing such digital business innovation, marketers will need to explain to the customer base the question of why this change is needed and how it is going to impact them. A visual pathway has to be created for customers and employees likewise to appreciate the transformation intended.


Uplaoded Date: 19th May 2017

Contrary to usual perceptions, marketing automation actually humanizes many processes of the buying cycle. Human beings tend to trust others more when they perceive the person to have greater empathy. That is why e-commerce websites tend to show up recommendations based on previous searches. Thus marketing communication helps in automating trust by tracking engagement and subsequently nurturing relationships. It also helps in digital marketing by sending out personalized marketing content such as emails or push messages. This personalized communication needs to be sent at the right time. It mustn’t overdo as that will kill trust and be annoying. Constant social media presence is one way to build trust. In order to gauge customer insights, digital tools end up being attentive listeners. They track all usage records and maintain data in order to extract relevant business intelligence. 


Uploaded Date: 19th May 2017

Direct marketers generally tend to wrongly perceive brand marketing as easier. This is partly because the latter group has all these years been primary been focusing on the ‘who’ of marketing while completely ignoring the ‘where’ and ‘when’. Their conversations have revolved around audience demographics, brand personas, psychographic or consumer lifestyle segmentations. But this needs to give way due to the highly competitive and dynamic nature of today’s marketing. An example can be cited from video sharing giant YouTube. This platform was being used for digital marketing purpose but instead backfired as a lot of company ads were placed next to adult videos. Thus a faulty implementation of ‘where’ led to massive brand erosion for many. Placing ads at wrong times of the day have equally hurt brand reputations. ‘Where’ can relate to adjacency, geography or view-ability all of which need to be factored in.


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