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Why Digital Marketing

1. Best way to connect to the largest audience from a single platform with

minimal resources and expenses

2. Best of the organizations like Coca Cola, Marie Claire, LG Electronics,

Lego toys, Hampton Hotels, MasterCard etc. have successfully implemented

digital marketing campaigns over last few years now and have reaped the

benefits tremendously.

3. Coca Cola used the digital marketing campaigns to involve their employees

in Olympic 2012. This not only increased their visibility across the globe but

also increased the employee satisfaction.

4. Iconic clothing brand Henri Lloyd used multinational digital rebranding

and improving their online presence. Henri Lloyd now amongst top online

brands in clothing.

5.Pizza hut provided a connected and personalized experience to the

customers through their comprehensive online presence using digital


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

1. The future way – Digital Marketing is the way the marketing is to be going

to be driven from now onwards. Conventional ways of marketing are no

longer the best way. With the boom in e-commerce and social media,everyone is moving from brick and mortar to digital space.InternetDigitalMarketing2

2. Initial Movers advantage – As of now, not many resources are available with in depth knowledge on Digital Marketing. Be one of the initial movers andgain the upper hand.

3. Learn from the experts – We have engaged the best brains in the industry with a sea of practical and implementation experience in the field to give you the best available knowledge and share the real life case studies and experiences to prepare you for the real world.

4. Future options – Be ready to be employed with best of the players in the

industry like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction on Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 2: Market Research and Content Strategy

Module 3: Managing Digital Assets

Module 4: Managing Customer Relationships and Social Media

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing management & Optimization

Module 6:Online Advertising &Digital Direct Channels

Module 7: Digital Campaigns Management

Module 8: Web Analytics in E-Commerce.

Digital marketing is here to stay, and only increase in importance. In North America alone, 89% of population has access to the internet. Social media has become the most influential tool within the armory. Some key changes have been effected which have altered the marketing styles to customers. One such method is influencer marketing which uses real persons who are social media stars to advertise for a product. At the other end, there are chatbots which are now more interactive. Marketing research conducted over six countries by Live Person revealed that about two-thirds of those surveyed are using chatbots in their business operations. Even messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger have dived deep into using this aspect. Voice Search is another such tool expected to grow by nearly thirteen percent this year. Challenges abound as many search algorithms based on voice still remain rudimentary. Blockchain is yet another upcoming tool. It needs full-integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reap the full benefits.


Uploaded Date:01 September 2018

Improved pricing tools are now available that use their analytics capabilities to produce improved market business intelligence. According to a report by Bain, companies that are using such tools possess the right data to begin with and are known to be making the right decisions. A third of respondents in the study carried out by Bain confirm that these tools are essential in their decision-making process. However, having the right tools alone isn’t enough if the team leader isn’t up to the task. Executives using such business analytics tools need to themselves have good pricing skills and have a sales team that is savvy. The newer tools will be even more sophisticated and will enhance the overall customer journey. For B2B players, not setting the right price level was a cause of business losses, according to 61 % of the respondents. Some trends can now be deciphered in B2B sales. The front line in sales is being utilized to gauge insights as they get direct feedback from customers. B2B clients are now demanding a customer-like experience in their purchase decisions. Any internal friction needs to be eliminated immediately. New pricing models are emerging that are disrupting the existing industries. As pricing cannot exist within any vacuum, through analysis of the bigger picture needs to be undertaken. Cross-functional accountability must be introduced and proper segmentation done.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2018

Some new fintech companies have already put in place mechanisms to transform the financial-services industry. Now they want customers to change their lifestyle habits so these transformational mechanisms can be put to use. An example is N26 which is a customer bank that can only be accessed through its mobile app. Millennials regularly cite visiting bank centres as frustrating, which is what led to its founder, himself a millennial to develop this business innovation. Online cashless payments work well, but real cash may also be withdrawn from seven-thousand plus affiliate ATMs. Trust and quality are very important factors for these new players. The N26 app also has a feature to track insights on what customers really require. Banking in the future will make use of the enormous data warehousing on hand to create individualized user personas according to which personalized services will be provided. It will use predictive analytics to execute this.


Uploaded Date:26 July 2018

There is a lot of conflict among sales teams at present on the approach. Many think it must be analog as it has guaranteed success over the years, while others feel it could be digital as that is the way forward. The truth lies somewhere in between. Digital marketing is like rocket fuel for sales, as it has accelerated everything butt one cannot do so by ignoring the fundamentals. Increasingly it is being found that a dash of human emotional touch within the digital sales process can help enormously in sealing a deal. The digital approach works best with renewal, cross-selling and up-selling. But when it comes to discovering new customer needs or demands, it is the personal touch that matters. Especially when it comes to B2B sales, companies need to be armed with 24-hour requirements of domain experts.One such B2B marketer employs crowdsourced professionals as an engaging mechanism. Either way, human or digital, customers care about transparency in dealings, so this needs to be paid top priority.


Uploaded Date:26 July 2018

Leveraging on digital influencers is now a key tactic within digital marketing. Stars from social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest act as influencers to help brands reach out to a larger audience and help them convert to buyers. However, influencer marketing too has evolved. Now its effect has been enhanced by the use of data-driven metrics. Influencers are now termed as Effective Opinion Leaders (EOL). Being an influencer alone is no longer enough as the market is slowly saturating. So, one needs to understand whether the person aligns with the message the brand is trying to convey. This must help reach new customers and create engaging content.


Uploaded Date:18 July 2018

Consumers of digital media today find themselves in an enviable position where they can dictate terms with several brands. Industries such as media, telecommunications and technology are shifting rapidly. The role of digital marketing has expanded due to the proliferation of social media platforms, mobile devices and wireless connectivity. That is why the twelfth edition of the Digital Media Trends survey has been conducted, bringing forth several interesting conclusions. First such insight is that the demand for streaming video is insatiable and expanding at exponential rate. Conversely, this has led to consumers revaluating their Pay TV subscriptions vis-à-vis the value they are getting. A new age-class has emerged known as the MilleXZials. It is a play on three generations-X, Z and millennials. Contrary to popular perception it is not just younger people, but this entire gamut of generations who are driving businesses and markets. A matter of concern but also an opportunity for many is the enormous amount of data warehousing ongoing right now, especially personal data. Although many are taking steps to protect such data, it is only the truly proactive agencies that will work out a proper solution.


Uploaded Date:19 June 2018

A lot of buzzwords are created for temporary periods by marketing and advertising professions. One that has managed to come out of the buzzword category is storytelling, as it is a timeless skill. A true example of this trend is the success of Kickstarter, which wouldn’t have gotten off the shelf had its creators not been able to tell a captivating story. But in the digital age, people’s attention spans have been dwindling, so few have cracked the art of storytelling. Content is the key behind digital marketing, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook. In fact, in a recent study nearly four-fifths of CMOs have claimed that content will remain key. The means of accessing content has also now increased thanks to devices such as Google Glass. Stories ensure that ideas generated, stick on. Personal brands in particular are largely dependent on satisfied users sharing their stories.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2018

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