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Why Digital Marketing

1. Best way to connect to the largest audience from a single platform with

minimal resources and expenses

2. Best of the organizations like Coca Cola, Marie Claire, LG Electronics,

Lego toys, Hampton Hotels, MasterCard etc. have successfully implemented

digital marketing campaigns over last few years now and have reaped the

benefits tremendously.

3. Coca Cola used the digital marketing campaigns to involve their employees

in Olympic 2012. This not only increased their visibility across the globe but

also increased the employee satisfaction.

4. Iconic clothing brand Henri Lloyd used multinational digital rebranding

and improving their online presence. Henri Lloyd now amongst top online

brands in clothing.

5.Pizza hut provided a connected and personalized experience to the

customers through their comprehensive online presence using digital


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

1. The future way – Digital Marketing is the way the marketing is to be going

to be driven from now onwards. Conventional ways of marketing are no

longer the best way. With the boom in e-commerce and social media,everyone is moving from brick and mortar to digital space.InternetDigitalMarketing2

2. Initial Movers advantage – As of now, not many resources are available with in depth knowledge on Digital Marketing. Be one of the initial movers andgain the upper hand.

3. Learn from the experts – We have engaged the best brains in the industry with a sea of practical and implementation experience in the field to give you the best available knowledge and share the real life case studies and experiences to prepare you for the real world.

4. Future options – Be ready to be employed with best of the players in the

industry like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction on Digital Marketing Strategy

Module 2: Market Research and Content Strategy

Module 3: Managing Digital Assets

Module 4: Managing Customer Relationships and Social Media

Module 5: Search Engine Marketing management & Optimization

Module 6:Online Advertising &Digital Direct Channels

Module 7: Digital Campaigns Management

Module 8: Web Analytics in E-Commerce.

The volume of marketing by making use of blockchain, has grown a whopping thirteen times in a period of barely a year and a half. Blockchain represents the latest advent in digital marketing, a spot that was earlier held by the likes of social media, mobile phone and the internet. A few major areas have been understood where blockchain marketing is making a truly transformative impact. These are in the areas of content marketing, social marketing and in programmatic & decentralized advertising. Broadly speaking, management, commerce and data are the three areas. Ad tech has also grown by leaps and bounds on this technology. Fraud mitigation, information privacy, data warehousing and for digital payments, blockchain is leading the way. New talent is also flowing in to the sector as a result of the innovations.


Uploaded Date:26 February 2019

Facebook has just concluded a study on how shopping behaviour is determined by Instagram. In this report, Facebook points out that the four top parameters to judge brands on Instagram are popularity, creativity, relevance and entertainment. Japan is the only odd one out among the major markets, as there informative is the second most sought after attribute. The digital marketing capabilities of any brand get a boost, merely by having a business page on Insta. On finding the said business page, the majority searched for more information on the brand. Some even visited the brand’s app or website. A few even followed those pages, while some speak to others on the same. The best part though, is that nearly half of them, ended up making a purchase, either offline or online.


Uploaded Date:20 February 2019

Pinterest has long maintained that it is not part of the social media bandwagon. Instead of connecting users with one another, it helps people with ideas, get connected to products. This positioning helps Pinterest in avoiding the collision with the market giant Facebook, but also means that its use within the digital marketing space is very different. More of direct selling with brands can take place here. Pinterest’s ‘Shop the Look’ Pin which was launched in 2017, is now set to go automated. Its first business client will be Home Décor on the IOS. Pinterest has also formed a link with Shopify, which will further add to their respective e- commerce potential. The two- hundred and fifty million monthly active users is much less than those on Facebook’s Instagram, but due to its unique discovery model, the brand continues to have its own niche space.


Uploaded Date:20 February 2019

Amazon’s Prime Day first began in the year 2015, but has now become one of the showpiece days for the retail industry, about par with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For Amazon alone, this is in fact a bigger day. The most recent one, brought in the highest traction till date, and has also brought in several learning for all. For one, there were more customers brought into Amazon’s fold this year, than ever before, as per business intelligence supplied by McKinsey. Echo and Kindle were the big winners among products. A number of Amazon’s private labels picked up business this year. Prime example among them include Pinzon, Goodthreads and Amazon Essentials. The Whole Foods Market (WFM) experienced a slight slump this year. Amazon’s partners such as Bose, San Disk and Dyson took full advantage to leverage the trend. Surprisingly, taking advantage of the overall trend, were also Amazon’s big rivals such as Costco, Target, Lowe’s and Best Buy. Brands need a specific digital marketing strategy to take full advantage of the Amazon Prime Day. Other retailers too must plump in. Amazon itself will only scale up, fully utilizing its traditional flywheel concept.


Uploaded Date:16 February 2019

Tapping into the networks of influencers is one of the key modes of conducting a brand’s digital marketing now. However, certain factors need to be taken care of, before reaching out to this lot. First of all, the brand needs to clearly spell- out its end goals. Brand personas need to be curated for each of the major influencers, so that the marketers know which one will be best suited to the kind of audience. There has to be thematic consistency across all brand communication, so that the same message reaches out from all platforms. Deep business analysis needs to be conducted on all digital footprints, to prize the content accordingly. Ultimately, the brand must be clear as to what are the key deliverables for the influencer, and what the company ought to handout in return.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2019

It is now well understood that social media is one of the key tenets towards lead generation, which is a significant step towards the digital marketing of the brand. Some tactics have been identified which may help in this. To start off, links to gated content need to be shared specifically. Gated content is what is not easily available, but hidden behind the usual wall, but still highly relevant for certain users. The occasional contests on social media, will help more number of people to visit the page or site even. Tweets and landing pages need to be used for this. Social media advertising helps especially in getting leads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Custom tabs need to be made use of on Facebook. Live videos, webinars and sessions on hangout need to be periodically hosted. Searches need to be geo- targeted. Hootsuite, Hootlet and Twitter Advanced Search can be the right companions for this. To gauge the authentic business intelligence, targeted social media listening has to be consciously practiced. Finally,brands ought to engage in social selling as confirmed over a study conducted by Seismic and CSO Insights.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2019

A good mobile website design has become crucial to getting the digital marketing campaigns right. This is because it is key to global interaction on social media and the purchase journey, across the internet. More than three- fourths of American adults anyway own smartphones. Business lead generation and web traffic is also affected by it. A lot of this stems from Google’s 2015 Mobilegeddon initiative, after which brands with desktop- only websites got lower rankings on search pages. Google is now developing a mobile- first index. Social media sites are also acting on the business intelligence received from Marketing Sherpa that confirms that 85% of Americans use social media and brands are followed on it by 58%. Another study from Ericsson has even confirmed a connection between the page load time and human health. Beyond speed, the convenience of use also matters. Mobile websites need to be very goal- oriented with clear CTAs (Call to Actions) installed. This even allows for the right feedback loop.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2019

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