The present business world is one heavily loaded in favour of the platform- based companies. That is why tech companies now need to know how to navigate within those platforms. These platforms may broadly be divided in to three types. There are Core IT companies, business- capability platforms and the customer- journey platforms. The best of these tech firms follow a Mission Control strategy with regards to platforms. So, they make allocation and strategic decisions. Their standards enforce ensure interoperability and speed. They can even coordinate programmes that cut across platforms. For an ideal platform approach to thrive in, the portfolio fitness needs to be assessed at the start. Much effort needs to be made on setting up the initial platform teams. The talent recruitment process must focus on hiring a platform leader, technical members, business members and those with functionary skills. Instead of transforming all at once, a platform- by- platform approach will be better suited. The entire system management needs to be funneled via the executive committee.


Uploaded Date:23 July 2019

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