Across studies made with companies, that are facing the heat of disruption, the reasons cited by the employees and leadership remain the same. They either blame it on some new technology, or attribute it to some upstart new company, taking away business. But in reality, what has emerged, is that unhappy customers are always the primary reason. This faulty thinking often leads to legacy companies, merely copying another’s technology, or replicate their business model. Yahoo’s travails in the search engine segment against Google and later Microsoft as well, is one good example of this. Several other incumbents across industries have ceded group to disruptors. Examples of those losing out includes the likes of Electronic Arts, Four Seasons, Best Buy, Sephora, Comcast and Gillette to the business innovations of Twitch, Airbnb, Amazon, Birch box, Netflix and the Dollar Shave Club respectively. Alibaba long understood this cycle, so it mastered the art of customer side focus.


Uploaded Date:26 June 2019

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