On the World Tourism Day (WTD) 2018, the theme is aptly “Tourism and the Digital Transformation”. Developments with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital platforms and Big Data is impacting the travel and tourism industry in a big way. One of the major effects is the personalized data that is now available on customers’ behaviours, experiences and interactions. This allows for digital marketing with a targeted approach for separate segments. Personalized services can also be afforded now. Customers’ time can be saved by using voice-activated searches and chatbots powered by AI. Some travel players have even installed biometric identification system. Delta Airlines is one such prominent example. Conversion of prospective travelers has also been improved drastically using Virtual Reality (VR) which is allowing the potential travelers to view the offerings on a video platform before finalizing. Supplier payments are also now being handled using the power of technology. B2B solutions now abound such as the use of virtual cards.


Uploaded Date:06 November 2018

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