Remarketing has become clichéd. It is a constant process of visiting some websites and the same ads reappearing when visiting some other site. Remarketing can be done using Google Ad Words, Facebook or other such platforms. Studies suggest that nearly seventy percent of online shoppers don’t make it to the checkout page even. Thus some methods have been identified which will best enable effective remarketing. First of all, the people in charge must understand the target demographic. A remarketing tracking code must be added to every nook of the brand’s online presence. This will allow better capture of data to perform business analytics. Similar to the tracker there must be a burn code as well. These need to be applied when a customer who has already revisited the site and actually made the purchase is still seeing those remarketing ads. This will irritate the customer, so now pixels will need to be burnt. Creativity must be applied but not to the point where essentials such as a Call-to-Action (CTA) or SEO campaign is ignored. Digital marketing is not about the immediate sale, so a patient brand promotion is needed beforehand. It could bring back lost sales.


Uploaded Date: 18th May 2017

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