A study was recently conducted by some researchers from the George Mason University to find whether love and compassion at the workplace have a direct link to improved productivity. For this, they divided their study areas to long-term healthcare being one and the other being seven unrelated industries clustered together. The former was chosen because it was seen as a natural setting while the others were more of a challenge. It was found out that productivity was not much directly as a result of a more compassionate work culture. However, such compassion led to improved talent management and retention statistics. This in turn led to an improvement in performance and implementation of innovations through a sense of continuity. A scale was created specifically for this study, involving points on tenderness, affection, caring and compassion. Also added was “cultural artefacts”. Emotional culture too cannot be lumped under one bracket, but is a combination of several differing behaviors, relevant for the particular situation.


Uploaded Date:19 January 2018

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