A study conducted has deduced four modes of thinking. They are Defeatist, Sustainer, Dreamer and Opportunity. In the Defeatist mode, negative thoughts fill one’s mind result in low levels of imaginative, not conducive for ideating or implementing business innovations. The second mode mentioned puts life on autopilot mode. This is ideal for execution of repetitive tasks but again is not highly receptive to innovations. The third mode Dreamer as the name suggests is one where the pleasure state is highest and new thoughts continuously brim in one’s mind. The fourth one Opportunity mode is related to the third one but here instead of just dreaming up, one embraces the opportunities as available. There is scope for improvement in all these models, so four such have been collated. First of all, one must do thins self-exercise frequently to test where one stands. Whenever ideas come up, one must take them on to try and win. While getting pessimistic, one needs to simply count ten good things in life such as one’s friends and relations. Ten reasons to keep oneself happy must be forever embedded in the mind and repeatedly relayed on in case of any doubts. Finally, one needs to allow the inherent Dreamer mode to come alive. A technique known as WIBGI has been known to help as it stands for “wouldn’t it be great if”.


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