Formerly with Accenture and now head for talent recruitment at Delta, Jennifer Carpenter has shared her insights on the future of the field at a recent event Talent Connect. With the ongoing fourth industrial revolution, talent acquisition is set to be disrupted tangentially. To dispel fears, she clarifies that the position of recruiters will only enhance and not be displaced. LinkedIn’s suite Talent Insights is one of the technologies that will soon establish the end of resumes as they are now understood. Technologies will extract key insightsabout the candidates. This will remove human bias and ensure workplace diversity receives a massive boost. IQ will soon be supplemented by LQ or Learning Quotient. Due to constant technological changes, only those employees will be in demand who can constantly unlearn and relearn. A study by Accenture confirms that about 85% of their employees are ready and willing to undergo their management training in their own time. This will help them to upskill and stay relevant over the ensuing period.


Uploaded Date:27 June 2018

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