With most tech companies grappling with this issue, recruitment of the right people has become a thaw in the growth story for those working on aspects such as robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the data sciences. Even after talent recruitment, retention and further training the personnel towards constant technology changes becomes another hurdle. A study by Gartner for example states that by the year 2020, a little less than a third of all tech positions will remain unfulfilled due to the non-matching of requirements with available skills. It is necessary for digital firms and recruiters to answer the who, how, what and where of this recruitment puzzle. The core job profiles lie broadly in some sub-domains. These are in – digital marketing, development, analytics and new ways of working within what is broadly called the Industry 4.0. Certain key profiles available include that of venture strategist, marketing automation specialist, UI or UE designer, data scientist, robotics engineer and the scrum manager. Digital talent hotspots today lie in startups, major tech players, healthcare and of course dependent on the attractiveness of the location. These companies must seek to enable digital skills across the ecosystem so that identifying the right talent comes easier. Positions must also be available for all levels- basic, intermediate and advanced.


Uploaded Date:01 March 2018

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