The time for open business innovation has now arrived. Companies need to stop fretting about IP issues for the moment. The ongoing pandemic has forced many to look beyond their comfort zones. Organizations from totally unrelated backgrounds, are now collaborating on a scale never imagine before. Trucking giant Scania for instance, is now partnering with the Karolinska University Hospital. Siemens, for its part, has curated the Additive Manufacturing Network, where any company can seek the German giant’s business consulting services in the field of medical service design. In another project, Ford is working with 3M, GE Healthcare and the United Auto Workers. Two- sided motivation now needs to be leveraged. New partners have to be embraced now. The present urgency is leading to much transformation. The entire planning needs to move beyond a static thinking towards a futuristic approach, where the team members look ahead.


Uploaded Date:09 June 2020

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