The MIT Sloan Review has published a list of its twelve most relevant articles for the area of corporate leadership. The first one of them is on the most underrated skill in management as written by Don Kieffer, Todd Astor and by Nelson Repenning. Another is spot on for talent management, with the article titled as The Smart Way to Respond to Negative Emotions at Work. The same topic has also been explored in another article providing six principles at the global level. The age of uncertainty has been highlighted by another, while yet another has gone on to explain how digital and digitization are not the same. One has explored the meaning behind work, while another has delved in to the art of thinking, and how it has been lost. The choices of the younger generations has been the subject in one, with managing virtual teams, being the concern is one more. The tenth one deals with how some subordinates work in a manner, for the senior to fail. The last two discuss the control function and organization, relevant to management.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2019

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