Origin stories could be in various forms. Some could be about a joining date, others could be personal chronicles, while yet more could be on meeting one’s significant other. The most successful of companies though tend to have some origin story on its top leadership. It is all about a lens that is picked from. There are some prominent types. One is the Being type, who “always wanted to be leaders”. Yet others are those who are Engaging, so they believe in constant communication with their team members. A third variety are the Performing type, who merely believe in the bottom line. And then there are the Accepting leaders, who maintain existing status quo. A leadership lens enables, but may also constrain the work itself. Team members too need to assess how the types would affect them and their performance. Gender differences too play a role in how leaders engage with their colleagues. Deploying the right talent management norms, depends also on such intrinsic factors.


Uploaded Date:25 August 2020

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