With a significant percentage of human population falling under the personality type category of “introvert”, it is a fact that all workplaces will have quite a few of them. Certain jobs or certain times in all jobs require a degree of networking which no one can escape. Genuine talent management would involve getting such introverts to get the best out of conferences or informal meet-ups for mutual benefit of the professional and organization. Instead of dissuading them from attending these, they must be encouraged but given sufficient time off in between to ‘recharge’. Even if they do not actively network, they may be the right personnel for taking important notes and processing the minutes for all to comprehend. The fewer connections they will develop might be on a deeper level than those who connect with more people. A lot of them could be behind the scenes deals being struck. There could be some topics, where even they can suddenly become active speakers if it is from their interest area



It has repeatedly been observed that top statesmen cannot agree on peace deals, legislators can’t pass on bills and business leaders likewise failing to make sound decision making for their organizations. This is because contrary to logic, when powerful people get together, they tend to be less productive than when they are on their own supported by their respective subordinates. Business research published on the Harvard Business review involved professionals and it was soon realized that whenever groups of senior ones were put in together they were the least productive of the lot. Video sessions clearly proved that these senior pros spent less time grappling with the situation and trying to find solutions, but instead wasted their efforts on quarrels regarding whose decisions were to be observed. These groups also displayed lowest levels of creativity.



Industry meet-ups used to be the way forward to develop connections for work. However, today networking involves a more complex process as most people are working in a global setting with clients or vendors across the globe. In order to rectify this gap, some steps have been identified. Proactive outreach needs to be mastered whereby contacts are being identified not by a simple LinkedIn search but by developing relations over a period of months. Another method could be to attract contacts to oneself. This needsdigital marketing for own self by creating top notch content in diverse form such as videos, podcasts, publications or blogs. Another method would be a combination of in-person and virtual forms. Before any meet-up like a conference or event, one can go through the list of people to get acquainted with and these people can be sent mailers or LinkedIn connection requests. In this manner, some ‘warm leads’ are booked before the actual event.


It is increasingly being observed that a greater percentage of the workforce is suffering from work related stress, anxiety and disengagement. It is now up to team leaders to manage their colleagues’ stress levels. Corporate training and development is one way of increasing employees’ morale and productivity. Some ways have been identified to achieve this. Well known work practices must be modeled and then encourage to practice. Employee morale is contagious and thus market research firm Gallup has confirmed that productive employees were more likely to have similarly contented colleagues over a period of time. Organizations must create the platform for employees to socialize outside of the workspace. The human brain must be trained through well known practices in such a way that it can negotiate through chaos. Multi-tasking is non -existent. Instead employees must strive towards mono-tasking in order to improve focus. Companies must similarly encourage the lean periods to occur during the business cycle so that employees can rejuvenate themselves. No work will ever be successful unless empathy and compassion can be developed among the personnel. Such feelings allow collaboration in the organization.


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