The typical command-and-control structures at companies are increasingly becoming redundant in the modern business. This is due to the fleet-footedness required in coping with constant business changes brought about by rapid tech iterations. So, while the senior leadership needs to continue running the company from the very top framing the corporate strategy, the ground-level execution must be left up to smaller and more independent teams. These teams must be provided with the authorityto carry out work at their level to spend up the process of execution. The leadership for a start, needs to use the power of such seemingly independent teams in significant areas. The best of performers need to be provided charge of these teams, as they will thrive under such autonomy. The resources must be allocated right at the beginning, but teams need to be held accountable as a result. An agile manager needs to be attached with such teams. These kind of team leaders will provide a path to success, but the individual processes will be mapped out by the team members themselves. Executives must at times even enter into these teams to have a feel of the real deal. The former must also commit to providing timely management training to the team members so that the latter may upgrade their skills.


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