With work and offices being spread across a country or even over continents, it is pertinent that remote modes of working are gaining popularity. In fact, Ann Hermann who leads a talent management firm, ensured that the firm’s entire workforce went remote. This is because, she like several other such professionals, feels that workers can be known better through long distance communications. It enables flexibility at work. So employees at this firm meet up annually on a retreat but otherwise communicate via teleconferencing tools. In a study conducted by communications firm Polycom, it was revealed that two-thirds of their twenty five thousand employees claimed their favourite colleague to be someone not from their office, but one with whom they never met face-to-face. This is because powerful teleconferencing tools even give a hint about the personal lives of people, eliciting the human touch. A lot of companies are fearful of remote working methods as Yahoo put a stop to the practice in 2013, and even admitted for years that this was the right move. While all companies have different DNAs, ultimately, remote working is something that cannot be put to the backburner for much longer today.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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