The Baby Boomer generation will soon pave the way for the Millennials to take up senior leadership positions in the C-Suite. It was earlier thought that this generation would have completely divergent thoughts to the earlier ones, yet business research conducted by the Conference Board suggests changes aren’t that far-reaching. Within the next two to three years a lot of companies will see millennials just a job or two away from the C-Suite. The research shows that nearly half of the millennial leaders are expect to stay at such for a period of at least ten years. An interesting find is that the open workspace with a flat hierarchy that is associated with the millennial generation tends to reduce in popularity as they reach senior leadership positions. This generation ranks ideas, technology and problem solving as most important traits to possess. They are also extremely goal and achievement driven. Millennials want an opportunity through coaching and rotational programmes to showcase their leadership abilities for a pipeline to be created.


Uploaded Date:02/06/2017

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