Some highly successful entrepreneurs have used their vast knowledge of the business world to subsequently write books. Some have been more successful than others. Richard Branson wrote Losing my Virginity, obviously referring to his Virgin group companies. Bill Gates is known to have penned down Business @ The Speed of Thought. Jessica Livingston meanwhile wrote Founders at Work. The somewhat different Enchantment was written by Guy Kawasaki. Vineet Bajpai is considered an expert at Management Consulting among Indian writers and his book The Street to the Highway is considered an expert’s take on the subject of entrepreneurship. Midas Touch has been written by Donald Trump. Kris Jones of Pepperjam fame is famous for having written Search Engine Optimization, which is a highly influential book for digital marketing practitioners. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have co-authored Influence. Finally, The Blueprint has been written down by PayPal founder Peter Thiel.

Marketing as an art has evolved over the past hundred odd years. The 1920s was the first time the idea of accountable marketing was put in place where budgets had to co-relate to sales. There was not much data however, then to back up ideas and evaluate business results. The 1970s can be termed as the pre-teen years of the marketing world as lots of business innovations and experiments were then taking place. In the absence of present day online tools, business intelligence was tracked using customer information on magazines where ‘bingo cards’ were used. The 1980s were the ‘teenage years’ where technology entered marketing in the form of barcode readers. Marketers were now accurately able to track customer preferences. Now the concept has evolved to Pipeline Marketing which evaluates the entire marketing chain and measures effectiveness individually at each stage. Dashboards are now much more reliable than ever.

Being successful at the work place is often much more than personal ability but a lot to do with team work and collaboration. On a regular basis, people both within or outside the organization help us achieve our targets.Management consulting publicationHarvard Business Review has come up with seven ideal ways to thank them. A hand written thank you note might sound old fashioned but it personalizes the gratitude rather than online or mass printed versions. The thanks could even be communicated using a personalized video note. We might even gift them something fun. Often getting two or more people together can bring them lot of success eventually. One can offer to help but actually deliver on the offer. Formal meetings and online chats do connect people but ultimately, informal meet-ups serve the purpose of socializing the best. Finally, a highly effective method of showing gratitude is simply to make a telephone call.

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