Each team leader or manager at some stage or the other wants to acknowledge team mates’ efforts. They see giving motivational pep talks as part of their talent management tasks. However, in spite of the genuine efforts many get this wrong, and instead employees feel let down. Employees feel compliments as insincere when they are acknowledged on the go, while managers seem preoccupied with something else. They also feel let down when they can sense that their superior is simply making things up to increase his/her popularity ratings. A lot of managers actually have a sense of guilt so to make up they shower praise just to hide their own shortcomings. This too must be avoided at all costs. Instead, employees always feel valued when their superiors ask for the back story behind the success. If the same gratitude spoken of earlier, is contextualized as part of something bigger, employees feel valued. Finally, bosses will raise their popularity stakes simply by acknowledging the personal cost attached.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2019

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