A lot of people abide by the principle that when work becomes passion, one does not feel the pain or the stress. This though is a complete myth, as attested over multiple studies. Quite on the contrary, whenever individuals get way too passionate regarding their work, they end up carrying an excess psychological load. Burnout has long been de- prioritized, but now it is time to be brought in to the mainstream. Deplorably, millennials are other new gen members have often been blamed for this term, for actually seeking a work- life balance. The World Health Organization (WHO) now considers burnout to be a very serious health hazard. While burnout can happen to anyone, at any stage, there are certain professions where more common. Business research published on the Journal of Personality, states how the medical profession is especially ripe with such instances. This is because here, the passion is often obsessive, and not harmonious.


Uploaded Date:29 July 2019

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