With technologies intruding into our lives, brands are facing very exciting times. The accuracy of business intelligence extraction has gone up by many times thanks to the enormous amounts of data now in circulation. Natural human language can now be interpreted using marketing jargon to gauge what exactly it is that customers are seeking. Digital marketing can be directed using the data thus gleaned out. It proves great opportunity as well as challenge to marketers. Customers must be provided complete transparency in terms of what kind of bots they wish to use. Artificial intelligence is yet another strand to act as a bridge between machines and humans. Source:

Facebook may have reached over one and a half billion users worldwide, yet its marketing appetite has not been satiated. It is now looking to tap the rest of the population as yet dominated by Google. Facebook understands that the users spend a significant amount of time off social media and it is trends of that time period which it hopes its superior business intelligence will be able to track. Also Facebook will soon be able to track several billions who aren’t yet members using lookalike targeting which profiles buyer personas based on common traits. The social media giant’s total ad business comes out around US$ 18 billion which is still less than Google’s US$ 24 billion. This new method will enable it to compete directly against Google Display, AdSense and AdX, while continuing to remain well above Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo and Twitter in online advertising revenues.


While several startups are engaging with the art of business intelligence (BI), some of the established organizations are still reluctant to immerse themselves in the same. However, some compelling reasons exist for why BI can’t be ignored by anyone now. BI helps gauging movements of competitors by tracking social activities on digital forums. It helps in capturing cutting edge business analytics which help marketers make more informed, holistic decisions. BI also helps avert security threats to online activities and even more importantly keeps transactions secure.


A lot of companies are comfortable working in the old ways due to past success. However, it is time to adopt business intelligence (BI) tools to the operations due to several proven reasons. These tools provide comprehensive understanding of overall organizational performance. Performance reviews are held only periodically, whereas such tools provide real time insights and analytics. Over a period of time, there is substantial saving of time and money. Duplications can be avoided and routine tasks may be minimized. Finally these tools offer smaller companies the platform to play on level playing field. An ideal BI tool must be easy to use, yet be highly secure.

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