The US regulatory bodies have come in for criticism due to Facebook’s role uncovered in mass data warehousing and foreign interference in federal elections. The position of privacy in the digital age also needs much revision. To close this chasm, some strategies have been illuminated. As a first, tech literacy has to be stepped up among the political and administrative elite in Washington, D.C. Then, stronger policies need to be drafted to take care of third party data, currently held by the likes of Apple, Amazon, Google, Salesforce or Facebook. Investment is needed in new platforms or models which are user-centric and thus take pride in their consent. Currently, users tend to quickly scan through consent forms, while their data gets tracked and sent to large corporates who use it for their digital marketing efforts. Data ethics must be a central tenet to all customer-facing digital companies. In this regard, the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been much more stringent in enforcing the laws.


Uploaded Date:05 June 2018

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