There is a lot of conflict among sales teams at present on the approach. Many think it must be analog as it has guaranteed success over the years, while others feel it could be digital as that is the way forward. The truth lies somewhere in between. Digital marketing is like rocket fuel for sales, as it has accelerated everything butt one cannot do so by ignoring the fundamentals. Increasingly it is being found that a dash of human emotional touch within the digital sales process can help enormously in sealing a deal. The digital approach works best with renewal, cross-selling and up-selling. But when it comes to discovering new customer needs or demands, it is the personal touch that matters. Especially when it comes to B2B sales, companies need to be armed with 24-hour requirements of domain experts.One such B2B marketer employs crowdsourced professionals as an engaging mechanism. Either way, human or digital, customers care about transparency in dealings, so this needs to be paid top priority.


Uploaded Date:26 July 2018

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