While there is no specific formula to success, there exist certain personality traits common amongst most successful people. They are usually competitive enough so possess a strong work ethic. They constantly strive for improvements. In spite of being on the top of their game, they do not mind occasionally to let go, as this relieves them of past burdens. They demonstrate a fanatical attention to detail. They are very good at networking so nurture this group, plus also maintain an inventory of personal or group achievements. Such leaders remain grateful for what they have received and celebrate their own success by rewarding as well. Their talent management skills are strong and so do not shy away from crisis situations, instead motivate their team members help navigate the same. These leaders stake up responsibilities, and possess a constant zeal to give back to society and people around them. Even after failures, they have the capacity to bounce back, so they treat these as necessary exercises borne out of risk. For them, the customer is always at the centre of decision making. Thus, even when they receive the praise of others, they do not rest on their laurels, but think of ways to further improve delivery of service.


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