What some of the top companies in the world get correct, is managing to hold on to their best performing personnel over years. Talent management and further retention is one of the biggest challenges in the business world at present. One way to do so is following the concept of Reverse Mentoring. In this method of training, instead of the usual path, it is youngsters who bring their seniors up-to-date on modern terminologies and methods. Companies must also try to be as transparent as possible as its gives them competitive advantage over others. This of course does not apply to public companies governed by specific regulations. Organizations could also try to unhinge all doors as it creates a physical setting where anyone could walk in anytime and the managers are always within reach of their team members. One of the best techniques in fostering business innovation is to allow failures as only then will employees take the further step of being creative and try new things.


Uploaded Date:30 November 2017

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