People from different sectors, and with varying degrees of expertise have been trying to predict how the post- COVID- 19 world will appear like for the workforce. Through the broad estimates, four scenarios have emerged. The first is the possibility of there being digital enclaves. This is a situation where the economy has come back alive, but trust issues still remain between countries. This mars the social integration among people. Another is where the entire humanity now gets tech- powered. Under this situation, the world economy has recovered, and human interaction has not declined, but instead gone up. This is because people have realized the importance of social interactions. The third scenario is much scarier. In this, there is a prolonged economic recession worldwide. This has resulted in deepening of fissures between people, cultures and organizations. The fourth scenario gives us all hope. It is where talent recruitment hasn’t declined much in spite of the economic chaos reigning in. This is so because the civil society pulls together. Now, families, NGOs and communities battle on to support one another.


.Uploaded Date:09 June 2020

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