If someone from 2007 were to be transported to the present times, he/she would encounter a world totally different. Just a decade back social media, mobile or content marketing and big data was either in its infancy or not even been heard of. Similarly, we are at a juncture now where a lot of changes will take place over the next decade that we cannot know for sure now. Of course, it is known Artificial Intelligence (AI) will grow enormously, but the extent and the other related aspects cannot be predicted. In some ways, the changes can already be observed in present day practices. One such is the emergence of voice or visual interfaces such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Home. Personality and mood can be analysed using carious AI based tools available on platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Watson Developer Cloud. The enormous chunks of data now available is being used to glean precise business intelligence on customer profiles and patterns. This is allowing increased customization of experiences being curated for differing buyer personas. And that is why the future of technology surprisingly appears more human. The effect of this has been demonstrated at call centres that have realized that increased engagement leads to higher sales.


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