Up- skilling is the need of the hour, as several CEOs have testified in the 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, published by auditor PwC. One of the ways to do so is by changing the conversation, to elicit interest in other topics. Due corporate training needs to take place with the existing workforce. A system of transparency needs to be followed all across the organizational chain. The key foundational issues will need to be addressed at the root. Education should not mean merely the possession of degrees, but continuous learning needs to be encouraged. An Executive MBA for instance may be the right approach to take this on. Greater degree of flexibility needs to be incorporated at work. Redundant activities must be automated without delay. One needs to plan for the growth of the entire company, and not merely in silos. This will also help make the complex work, easier to execute. All changes need be implemented right from the very top.


Uploaded Date:28 January 2020

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