Management consulting as an industry is going through a lot of change mainly brought about by digital transformation. In fact these days no firm is formulating its corporate strategy without aligning the same with technology. Thus the acronym SMAC has emerged to notify Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. Cognizant being a technology company at heart has been among the first movers and thus growing at great pace in consulting. Clients no longer accept the traditional hierarchy bound model but instead demand a system based on agility.  

business consulting publication has provided us with certain misconceptions we take for granted which will be harmful for the CRM strategy of the firm. It is often thought that all data must be cleansed, yet that is not necessary as one never knows when which piece of information will come prove handy. More volume of data may not always be desirable. CRM data can be useful for all departments and verticals and not for any one particular. Also CRM is not important only for sales but for other tasks as well such as content creation. While businesses indeed are stuck with legacy systems, they can be modified depending on the immediate requirement. Often firms provide incomplete information believing that whatever is available must be shared. However, disseminating any piece of information without grip of the context can have disastrous implications.  

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