Right now is the time, when companies must encourage and even help their employees to undergo training towards developing news skills. The skills gap is unfortunately on the rise, in spite of years of forewarning. A report from PwC, titled Talent Trends, published in 2019, reported that a staggering seventy- nine percent of global CEOs are worried about the lack of essential skills among employees. This is in stark contrast, to the future of fifty- three percent just a few years back, in the same report in 2012. Two of the partners at the business consulting giant PwC, have confirmed that up skilling is the way ahead. For this, the command and control culture needs to completely disappear. Corporate training sessions must be arranged, where instead of teaching, employees must be taught, on best ways to learn. Peer- based coaching must be arranged, so that employees get the time and space to reflect upon their work.


Uploaded Date:30 April 2020

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