After the prolonged lockdown all over the continent, the European Commission has now agreed to partially start reopening the national boundaries. Instead of an all- out opening, the plan is to create tourism corridors so that people from neighbouring countries could visit each other. This may work better in countries with the fewer cases by percentage and absolutes. One such planned collaboration is between Croatia and the Czech Republic. Croatia has in fact chalked up similar plans with several other countries such as Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Italy and even relatively far- off Germany. This business innovation could help stave off the imminent disaster that is set to affect the tourism industry. So far this year, inbound arrivals have reduced by a staggering seventy percent, thus heightening the fears on the possible loss of scores of tourism jobs. The Czech Republic for its part is also trying to open up the borders with fellow Slavic nations, especially with neighbours Slovakia.


Uploaded Date:29 May 2020

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