London has once again reinforced its position as the leading business travel destination. It tops the index for 2019, created by tourism consulting firm BCD Travel. The study is titled the Cities and Trends Report 2019. Amsterdam, Vienna, Zurich and Paris completed the top five for the European rankings. Zurich and Paris in fact swapped places from last year. This was the only change from the previous edition. Barcelona comes sixth. Copenhagen, Madrid, Milan and Stockholm complete the top ten. When it comes to the Inter- continental rankings, as expected New York City tops the index. Shanghai, San Francisco, Singapore, Dubai, Chicago, Tokyo, Beijing, Boston and Los Angeles are the others in the top ten. If one counts countries, then it’s the UK, Germany and Spain which are Europe’s toppers, while USA, China and India, in that order are the top of the intercontinental rankings.


Uploaded Date:11 March 2020

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