Appearing poor may not necessarily consign one to poverty. This is because the living standards vary across countries depending on local expenses and living standards. It is essential for tourists from western developed economies to maintain a sense of respect towards material possessions while in developing ones. So, they are often advised by tour operators not to bargain too much, flaunt their wealth or give sundry alms to beggars. The treatment of beggars is a matter of concern so tour operators often advise their clients to refrain from giving alms especially to kids as this will lead to the development of a vicious circle. One key business innovation which has faced this challenge has been slum tourism. A lot of tourists remain in dilemma whether to view slums from the comfort of their vehicles or to walk along. The latter is usually preferred as it gives them a window to the real lives. One must also remain ethical in use of water or toiletries depending on the local needs.


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