One of the most sought- after tourist destinations in the whole of Africa, is Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. Tens of thousands of hikers visit the country each year for scaling the highest peak on the continent. One of the new initiatives the government of Tanzania is taking up, in order to boost tourism, is the deployment of a cable car connection to the Shira Plateau, which is about two- thousand metres short of the summit. Plans are afoot to thus double the inbound tourism numbers through this initiative. This plan is not without its glitches though. Tanzania plans to emulate South Africa, that did similar work on the Table Mountains. The main opposition comes from the local mountain dwellers, as thousands are directly employed on tourism jobs related to scaling the peak. They work as guides, cooks and as porters. Once the cable car is done, few foreign visitors will then have the urge to go allthe way, using local help.


Uploaded Date:21 August 2019

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