There are several scenarios for a post- COVID- 19 world, as being envisaged by several tourism thinkers. One possibility is of the pandemic petering out as the earlier SARS outbreak had. There was a significant decline in tourism footprint post that and also post the September, 2001 attacks on New York City, but the industry recovered with aplomb in each case. China is seen as an indicator nation in all this. Chinese people are the largest global travellers now, so if outbound tourism rebounds from the country, then the future for the sector could be bright. Early indications are that things may take longer to return to normal, as business intelligence arriving from Italy, shows that nearly three- fifths of the population there shows no interest in travelling this summer. Another third will have really short holidays. Businesses in this sector will have to respond with the right package to attract back the customers. Some effects may be really long- term, that could end up redesigning the sector for ever.


Uploaded Date:04 August 2020

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