A lot of business leaders profess transparency at the work, yet unknowingly are sharing all the wrong information. They are sharing their vision, hopes and disappointments but not the facts which come directly to them. If authentic data is shared with the right employees, then they can glean out business intelligence to take informed decisions at their level. It increased work productivity and reduces financial waste. For some companies, transparency is a process that is built in to the company structure from inception onwards. But for those that lack this, it is time to imbibe the process. Moz for example is a company that does not believe in providing excuses but is instead extremely proactive in transparency. All kinds of data is shared and not only the feel-good ones as several companies tend to choose. Results can also then be authenticated against the real time data available. This also creates a healthy relationship with various stakeholders concerned.


Uploaded Date: 17th May 2017

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