Facebook is one company whose talent management team has already outlined plans for remote working, not just for the present but indeed till the year 2030. The plan is that the remote working norms will continue well past the present pandemic, but will eventually cover about half of the company’s fifty- thousand strong workforce. Twitter has announced something likewise. While leading tech companies have devoted long hours and spent lot of money on improving the infrastructure at their office campuses, they are now realizing that employees can be equally productive from the comfort of their homes. Zoom meetings are proving to be as effective as face- to- face ones were. This raises questions on the viability of some of the newly opened mega structures such as Apple’s – The Spaceship- or Google’s ever evolving Googleplex. Microsoft’s Satya Nadella isn’t all that sure, as he feels that we shouldn’t incorporate any idea as a dogma. Humans and technology need to work as an interface. The technologies, resources and work norms will need to be worked out around the new reality. There may be four stages of progress in this. The first will be to design a corporate strategy that will work the best in the future. Then, the explicit as well as the implicit assumptions will need to be reconsidered once again. These will then need to be tested real time. Lastly, the lessons learnt will need to be incorporated towards the overall vision, so that the company’s system can pivot around the same.


Uploaded Date:04 August 2020

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