As the business world is constantly working in time- starved environments, there is a need to have systems in place that will take care of this high intensity workplace. All nighters, work weekends and late stays have ensured that companies have turned the employees in to ideal workers, as sociologists would like to state. Digitization has further accentuated this trend as employees are expected to forever remain connected. Many employees have resorted to keeping their areas of passion as private. There exist three broad strategies that employees adopt under such stress. One is to be accepting. Another is to keep passing on the buck along the chain. In the first way, the employee accepts everything the employer wants, while in the second, he/ she tries to do so, but relents at times under extreme intensity. The third is the revealing variety, where employees openly crib about the deficiencies within the talent management system. To cope with such issues, employees need to develop a multi- faceted personality. Time- based rewards need be minimized. Employees’ personal lives need to be protected by all means, and this needs to be executed from the very top. While the work pressures are the highest ever, giving in is not a solution either, due to the related health and mental effects that can take place.


Uploaded Date:04 August 2020

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