According to a study conducted, about a fourth of US adults suffer from some form or the other of mental illness and 18% have anxiety disorder. In spite of such alarmingly high figures, few people in the workplace come out in the open to discuss this. On the contrary, people with such sort of anxiety are often very good at hiding, as they have been programmed since beginning to hide such emotions. It is now time for companies to embrace mental health as a key part of their diversity measures. Talent management includes letting employees speak out about such mental anxiety issues. It leads to improved productivity, employee retention and their engagement at work. To cope with such disorders, some companies have proactively included mental health within the gambit of their Employee Assistance Programs. EY for example came up with their We Care initiative few years back, which has so far seen more than 2000 company employees attend the sessions. EY has conducted corporate training sessions to educate the workforce about the significance of the right mental health and to not ignore the symptoms, but tot come out.


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