Nintendo the creators of Pokémon Go have absolutely hit the bull’s-eye when it comes to customer experience. They have taught us some important business lessons on best way to deliver customer experience. First of all, companies must forever be open to reframing their corporate strategy. Nintendo like several other successful firms has always paid maximum heed to customer feedback and the strategy to develop this game based on Augmented Reality came via that source. The real world is full of problems, Pokémon Go offers users an escape from all that. Pokémon was a staple cartoon character for kids who growing up in the 1990s. While Nintendo’s gaming consoled never reached the same heights, when the company wanted to re-strategize instead of going back to the trusted formula they developed this business innovation using old characters. This success has also shown how nostalgia can hook audiences. Scores of adults who grew up adoring all things to do with Pokémon, are now fans of this game.


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