Aritro Dasgupta  ( BA ( H) DU, MBA IIFM )


Aritro Dasgupta is a 2010 Alumnus of the prestigious IIFM Bhopal. His interests are varied from writing to teaching to digital marketing to travel and sports.

Though he has only six years’ experience post qualification, he already wears many hats. Aritro is a tourism and football enthusiast and blogger. He is extremely knowledgeable on environment and wildlife issues. He uses this vast knowledge to teach at prestigious management and coaching institutes. He has also previously been Programme Manager for four years both at Skyline Business School Delhi and Skyline University Dubai. Aritro is currently the Editor of Skyline Knowledge Centre’s Travel and  Tourism Update which is a weekly e-zine on the business of Tourism. He has also made substantial contribution to content on Skyline’s website.

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