Company culture is something professionals across the board are mentioning these days. Yet, not all are actually following the same. Critics are becoming increasingly sceptical about the idealistic statements released on corporate strategy documents. The recent scandals at the likes of Wells Fargo, Barclays and at Volkswagen have added further fuel to such scepticism. A study was thus conducted by the MIT’s research team on more than five- hundred companies, to get in to the crux of the matter. Among sectors, it clearly emerged that construction and health care services perform the best when it comes to integrity. They are closely followed by the sectors of electrical equipments, management consulting and telecommunications. At the bottom lies the internet. Fast food, apparel retail, software and tech giants perform only marginally better. Electrical equipments also score highest on innovation, a parameter where regional banks and grocery stores perform the worst. In fact they score a complete zero, just as home health care does in terms of diversity. In this parameter, it is regional banks that do the best, but even they barely have the rate of a forty- five percent success rate.


Uploaded Date:25 August 2020

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