In the future even more amount of work will be done online than at present. Thus seven sources have been identified which are sure going to provide enormous content for future work. The first of them is Work Life Hub as it possesses enormous breadth and depth of information. Then there is the Library of Alexandria which has curated content from across the globe but more importantly it focuses on grooming contented plus productive people at the workplace. Gautam Ghosh is proving to be a thought leader on social media as his Twitter account is immensely popular while his Asian roots add a much needed diversity. Flowing Data has managed to generate a sense of interest into topics such as statistics and business analytics. Lavoro Futoro is actually ‘Future of Work’ in Italian and translates very easily into English. It provides enormous content in economic issues especially concerned with Europe such as ageism, unemployment or sharing economy. Future of Work Is run by NOBL is a content aggregator on talent management, recruitment and retention trends. A thought leader considered an expert on existing and upcoming leadership trends is David Slocum.


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