It has been a constant quest for employees to expand their scope of learning at work. Employees often wish to learn automatically without making extra effort as part of work itself. Automatic learning also helps organizations streamline corporate training programmes towards activities where focus is genuinely needed. Employees must take time out of their busy schedules to think big on strategic matters. However, they must not ignore the intricate details that are equally critical. They must analyze which of their co-workers or associates do they really envy and wish to emulate. At times of learning, they must be able to identify what exactly they are looking at hand holding for. Individual habits can best be monitored by themselves. They must continue to excel and take time out for activities which they are really good at. What employees must never do is procrastinate at work, as that disrupts schedule over period of time. Finally, what is needed is peer interaction with those people who already possess the skills one wants to be good at.

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