Management training programmes aimed at leadership development are failing due to their systemic inability to tackle real world situations and instead focusing on fancy stuff pertaining only to the classroom. This gives the trainees an impressive add- on to their CV yet does not guarantee genuine learning. For this, the sessions need to be experiential, where certain activities need to be hands – on. A living laboratory needs to be created where the trainees, can take part in business simulations or group level dialogues. Visits to any NGO engaged with renewable energy or interactions with stakeholder groups could be productive starting points. Participants must be encouraged to undergo an entire change in their mindset and not just focus on the activities. Development must ultimately be placed within the wider corporate strategy of the organization. It must fit in with the overall scheme. The trainers who will be enrolled for such programmes must themselves possess the experience and don’t just lecture but actually show how the work is done. They share the workload by acting more as Sherpas than as experts.



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