Name of the Professional – Mr. Siddharth Sahai

Company Represented – India Operations in Retirement LLC

Desig. – Vice President

Date of Visit – 18.04.2012

Purpose of Visit-Six Sigma

Name of the Professional – Dr. Deepak Rautray

Company Represented – Cipla

Desig. – Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology

Date of Visit – 14.04.2012

Purpose of Visit-Cancer Awareness

Name of the Professional – Mr. Kaustabh Saha

Company Represented – Sterlite Technologies

Desig. – Additional General Manager (AGM)

Date of Visit – 07.04.2012

Purpose of Visit – New Horizons in the Telecom Sector

Name of the Professional – Ms. Jyotsana Aswal

Company Represented – Urssccohwilson Pvt. Ltd.

Desig. – General Manager (HR)

Date of Visit – 28.03.2012

Purpose of Visit – Creativity in HR

Name of the Professional – Ms. Saraswati Raju

Company Represented – “Centre for the study of Regional Department”, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Desig. – Professor

Date of Visit – 14.03.2012

Purpose of Visit – Labour Market

Name of the Professional – Mr. C Rajagopalan

Company Represented – Pragmatic Learning

Desig. – Entrepreneur and Co-Founder

Date of Visit – 15.02.2012

Purpose of Visit – Leveraging LinkedIn to establish a Strong Professional Online Presence

Name of the Professional – Mr.Saurabh Jain

Company Represented – Senior Consultant

Desig. – Senior Consultant

Date of Visit – 01.02.2012

Purpose of Visit– Scope of Business Analyst in the Modern World

Name of the Professional – Mr. Sunny Sharma

Company Represented – Foetron Inc., Online media

Desig. – Technology Evangelist

Date of Visit – 25.01.2012

Purpose of Visit – Importance of Social Media

Name of the Professional – Mr.Paras Kaushik and Ms. Varsha

Company Represented – Madura F & L (Fashion and Lifestyle) of Aditiya Birla Group.

Desig. – (Head Retail Human Resources Madura Group) & (HR Sales Gurgaon)

Date of Visit – 21.01.2012

Purpose of Visit – Insight from Inside

Name of the Professional – Professor Steve Bristow

Company Represented – Senior Advisor (Quality Assurance and Governance)

Desig. – Senior Advisor (Quality Assurance and Governance)

Date of Visit – 09.11.2011

Purpose of Visit – British Accreditation Council and Corporate Governance

Name of the Professional – Mr. Akarshan Chopra

Company Represented – Delta Electronics

Desig. – OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) head

Date of Visit – 03.11.2011

Purpose of Visit – Channel Management

Name of the Professional – Mr. Vishal Mittal

Company Represented – Altais Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Desig. – Managing Director

Date of Visit – 20.10.2011

Purpose of Visit – Importance of Value Investment

Name of the Professional – Mr. Rakesh Mohan Diwan

Company Represented – Punjab National Bank (PNB)

Desig. – General Manager

Date of Visit – 15.10.2011

Purpose of Visit – Marketing Initiatives by Indian Banks

Name of the Professional – Mr. Varun Sharma

Company Represented – LS Cables (a subsidiary of LG)

Desig. – Assistant Manager- Technical Marketing

Date of Visit – 1.10.2011

Purpose of Visit – Industry Requirements for Management Graduates

Name of the Professional – Mr.Anupam Bose

Company Represented – Sinopec Co. Limited.

Desig. – Manager, Engineering, Procurement and Constructions (EPC)

Date of Visit – 29.09.11

Purpose of Visit – International Business Scenario

Name of the Professional – Mr. V.N. Venugopal

Company Represented – Mobile Broadband & Transport

Desig. – Assistant Manager- Solution Manager

Date of Visit – 24.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Evolution of Mobile Communication Technologies.

Name of the Professional – Mr. A. Shrivastva

Company Represented – Fiedelia Systems

Desig. – Assistant Manager- V.P. (Sales & Marketing)

Date of Visit – 22.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Digital Marketing

Name of the Professional – Mr. Prasant Malik

Company Represented – M & A New Business Development

Desig. – Dy-General Manager

Date of Visit – 17.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Mergers & Acquisitions.

Name of the Professional – Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha

Company Represented – Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. – Fin. Dept.

Desig. – Chartered Accountant

Date of Visit – 15.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Financial working culture in public sector vs. Private Sector.

Name of the Professional – Jaideep Manchanda

Company Represented – Economic Times

Desig. – Brand Manager

Date of Visit – 10.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Marketing and Media.

Name of the Professional – Rajat Sabharwal

Company Represented – Alstom

Desig. – Former Managing Director

Date of Visit – 03.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Corporate world-good, bad or ugly.

Name of the Professional – Ms. Sushma Gupta

Company Represented – HR Consultant

Desig. – Trainer

Date of Visit – 01.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Career in HR.

Name of the Professional – Mr. Jay Shankar

Company Represented – IT Consultant

Desig. – IT Consultant

Date of Visit – 27.08.11

Purpose of Visit – An insight to the IT world.

Name of the Professional – Amit Sinha

Company Represented – Akshamaala Solutions Private Limited

Desig. – Director

Date of Visit – 28.08.11

Purpose of Visit – Entrepreneurship in practice – In the Indian context.

Name of the Professional – Mr. Rajesh Chuthani

Company Represented – Ciena (Telecom MNC)

Desig. – Regional Manager

Date of Visit – 25.08.11

Purpose of Visit – An Insight on the Telecom Sector.

Special Seminars on campus 2009 & 2010
S.No. International speakers Topic

Prof. Barry J. Cooper,
Associate Dean (Development) & Prof. of Accounting at Deakin University, Australia.

Challenges & Opportunities in Accounting Profession


Dr. William Hicky,
Professor, Professional Studies, California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA at California State University.

Competitiveness & Cluster
3 Mr. Indresh Singh Saluja,
Asst. Vice-President Customer Service – Etisalat DB Telecom.
Fundamentals of Sales and Distribution
4 Mr. Alain Ouvrieu,
(Director-International Development) Business School of Normandie – (School of Passerelle world, France).
(Special French Seminar)
5 Mr. Ajay Chowdhary,
Associate Vice President – People Development – CHR – SRF Ltd. (Part of Shriram Group, one of the nations largest e Enterprise).

Vertical seminars by experts

Mr. Debrata Deb Product launch
Ms. Kavita Rawat Capital Market
Ms. Indra Sood Competency mapping



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