RS Components based in Corby, UK is one of the biggest companies globally that are not well known to most people due to its business-to-business alignment. Thus it often struggles at talent recruitment especially of tech professionals. In spite of this, the company has developed innovative methods to attract the very best, making seventy percent of RS’s revenues stem from online sources, one of the largest in the B2B segment. It has changed its furniture to be very chic yet casual, ideal for the millennial tech employee. A new digital hub has been opened up in London. Employees are being provided management training to handle soft skills. The recruitment is centred around the people that are available and not the company requirements alone. Projects are initiated depending on the talent that the people possess. An Oracle programme called Taleo has been incorporated to help convince the best of talent to join up the company. A digital culture has been imbibed across the organization using innovative means. The operations team for example has got divided into five sub-parts known as site search, site speed, checkout, filtering and product pages.  However the company has taken steps such that digitization is not stuck in silos.


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